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Unsere Welt in Gefahr Klimawandel und Zivilisation
Geheimnisvolles Tuwa
Im Bannkreis des Nordens
Kanadas vergessene Küste
Die Nationalparks der Rocky Mountains
Im Land des Adlers
Kanada Nördlich des 60. Breitengrades
Abenteuer Kanada
- Die Nationalparks Banff und Jasper
Hawaii Aloha
Der Mississippi


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On the shores of Khaali Lake near Arctic Village, a Gwichin settlement on the southern slopes of Brooks Range, the scene resembles a timeless ceremony that could as well have been held centuries ago:

Numerous teepees (tents) are erected in wide circles around the main gathering place, with small fires burning in front of each teepee. In the main circle, a dozen old and young men in traditional clothing are standing side by side beating their drums in the old rhythm, with the women sitting quietly in front of them, all surrounding Chief Charlie Cardinal who is mourning with them about a deadly accident of two young men, who had been sent off by canoe to Venetie further south to discuss with their Chief the consequences of plans by an American oil & gas conglamorate to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They had drowned in one of the dangerous snow-melt-rapids of Chandalar River on their return trip. Their bodies had just been carried back by an Arctic Village rescue party and have now been buried on traditional grounds.

The Chief talks quietly and slowly in their Neets'aii-Gwichin language, and whenever he makes a break the crowd is repeating the traditional mourning phrases. Their faces are earnest and sad, while he is expressing his deep concern about the to be expected fundamentally crucial changes awaiting the people of all Gwichin settlements and their Porcupine caribou herd if oil drilling in the caribou's calving grounds would be materialized.

When the sun is just about setting, the Chief gives the lead for a prayer which all of them are intonating in the same rhythmic way, while tears are quietly running down their faces....

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Elfenbein aus Walroßstoßzähnen war bei der Aristokratie Europas äußerst begehrt.

Entnommen aus dem Buch "Im Bannkreis des Nordens".

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Neu erschienen: Unsere Welt in Gefahr Klimawandel und Zivilisation

von Stephen Henighan, Kanada, mit einem Vorwort von Mojib Latif, Kiel

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